Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello, March {Better late than Never!} || Monthly Goal Link-Up

It’s already March 6th…but that’s okay.

It’s never too late to reflect on life, see how you’ve grown, and set goals for how you’d like to grow even further in the upcoming days.

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February was a good month overall, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of March brings…



I spent an unforgettable long weekend in beautiful, sunny Florida for my lovely cousin’s wedding. It was the best wedding ever {and really made me look forward to my own even more!} and it was so great to spend that time with all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles all together in one place! I can’t wait for that to happen again in just five more short months!

I’m a February birthday! And although birthdays are not that big a deal to me anymore, I was very happy to spend some great time with the greatest bridal party I could ever hope to have! These ladies are my FAVORITES!

And of course, my fiancé {and his family} is SUPER into birthdays, so I could never get away with not celebrating with him. I think he's getting me to learn how to actually like my birthday :)) 

I took a group of my dance students to a local competition for their first time ever {mine too as a teacher} and they won! I'm so proud of them!


The February temperatures here in northern Indiana were absolutely out of this world, too! Between my time in Florida and the glorious 60 degrees and sunshiny days we had around here, I got my share of vitamin D, and finally got past my winter “slump” {Seasonal Affective Disorder is the real deal, y’all}. January felt like the longest month EVER! February was so much better in that sense. 

I also decided to try my hand at intermittent fasting. Which has been going, just…eh…okay, I suppose. Cutting out sugar completely, equals RIDICULOUS fibromyalgia flare-up apparently! Which was NOT OKAY! Still, even though I haven’t done completely well with this so far, I’m willing to keep trying, and willing to surrender it to the Lord again and again.

You can find out more about how I got started with intermittent fasting by clicking HERE.


OH! AND! I discovered that THIS SONG…right here…this is my theme song for the whole year! Particularly since my Word of the Year for 2017 is BRAVE!




Okay...good reflection…good times ;)

Onward…to March! It’s kind of a big month even so far! It’s only been 6 days in, and I’ve already had a big choir concert for the Lent season {glorious music…I will miss it}. I picked out my wedding dress, and we found the best florist ever for our wedding! And still ahead, I have two important voice competition first round auditions that I’ve been working my tail off to prepare for! And plenty of wedding prep to do!

Goals for March:

Read another book {there will be a review coming up on the one I read last month}.
Officially meet with my photographer and get everything all set with her.
Contact and book my musicians for the wedding.
Decide on wedding hairstyles for me and my bridal party.
Start planning the wedding shower with my Maid & Matron of Honor.
NAIL my two auditions at the end of the month! No fear!

Whew! We are looking at a busy time, people! But I’m so ready for it!

#Brave2017 #OneWord365

What are some of your goals this month!
Tell me in the comments, and let’s live life with intention together!

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