101 in 1001

The mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The criteria: The tasks must be specific (no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. 
Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (represent some amount of effort on your part).

Start Date: September 22, 2016 
End Date: June 2020

I will be crossing off tasks as I complete them. And I will more than likely write about my experiences too!

{1} Finish 50 books (3/50)
{two}Choose a ballet variation, learn it, and perfect it. [Bonus: Do it on pointe!]
{3} Try creating ten DIY projects pinned on my pinterest boards [or even more if I so choose!] (0/10)
{four} Reach my goal weight [& do it in a healthy way] 
{5} Audition for at least five vocal competitions (5/5)
{six} Redesign my blog.
{7} Go to a water park
{eight} Have a student of mine {or two...or three} dance at a competition.
{9} Send letters along with other encouraging things to at least one person once a month.
{ten} Go sledding in the winter.
{11} Perform the aria "Sempre Libera" from the opera La Traviata [one of the most difficult & vocally demanding soprano pieces of the opera world]
{twelve} Gain 100 followers on this blog...doable!
{13} Choreograph a dance that actually MEANS something...dedicated to a special cause or person...something that would make an impact on the people watching.
{fourteen} Write [and finish...like, for real!] a book
{15} Host a tea party for all of the little girls I know and their dolls!
[I have seriously always wanted to do this! How much fun would it be?!?]
{sixteen} Go sailing!!!
{17} Take a Chicago trip and take the time to actually explore...for more than a day!
{eighteen} Get past my "fear of falling" in ballet and land a clean, double pirouette.
{19} Keep a prayer journal consistently.
{twenty} Speak publicly about my passion for mental & emotional illness
{21} Have a vintage photo shoot either by myself, or with friends
{twenty two} Go out at least once a month with a friend...old friends & new friends
{23} Take more pictures
{twenty four} Get my splits and extensions for ballet.
{25} Get Engaged!!!
{twenty six} Start a YouTube channel
{27} Polish up my French and make it fluent.
{twenty eight} Take the first steps in starting my ballet company.
{29} Solo with the Vesper Chorale
{thirty} Go on a personal retreat.
{31} Mentor a younger girl...either in high school or College.
{thirty one} Complete a #1000gifts list.
{32} Work out a least 2 days a week, OTHER THAN my weekly ballet class.
{thirty three} Do another musical...it's been too long!
{34} Research my family history.
{thirty five} Audition for five MORE vocal competitions! (0/5)
{36} Spend a day at the library reading books.
{thirty seven} Host a fall picnic.
{38} Go camping...but make it GLAMPING for me :))
{thirty nine} See a movie at a drive-in theater.
{40} Take a trip somewhere I've never been before.
{forty one} Ditch this stupid, slow, way-too-heavy laptop for an IPAD.
{42} Read 5 different books on marriage, to get to some different perspectives {1/5}
{forty three} Watch 10 movies recommended by John-David {3/10}
{44} Watch every Audrey Hepburn movie!
{forty five} Watch every Judy Garland movie!
{46} Join a group at church with John-David.
{forty seven} Try at least one new recipe a month.
{48} Attend a bridal expo.
{forty nine} Be on the worship team at my church, Granger Community Church.
{50} Dress up for Halloween.
{fifty one} Go see a professional ballet company perform.
{52} Try paddle boarding.
{fifty three} Eat absolutely NO fast food for one month {and hopefully that will stick, and I just won't eat it anymore}
{54} Find a super creative way to ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids
{fifty five} Write a letter to myself to open at the end of the 1001 days.
{56} Take horseback riding lessons.
{fifty seven} Adopt a puppy.
{57} Give another voice recital.
{fifty eight} Take a ballroom dance class.
{59} Start doing modern or lyrical class again.
{sixty} Find a workout that I love.
{61} Get a super cute, old fashion-y looking new bike.
{sixty two} Sing with the South Bend Lyric Opera
{63} Be someone's bridesmaid.
{sixty four} Have a ballet photo shoot...some in the studio, some outside.
{65} Pay for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive through line.
{sixty seven} Go to the zoo in Chicago.
{68} Visit Prince Edward Island in Canada.
{sixty nine} Complete a photography challenge.
{70} Attend the Kentucky Derby
{seventy one} Write a guest post on someone else's blog.
{71} Write a blog series
{seventy two} Put together my own cookbook.
{72} Do Financial Peace University with John-David.
{seventy three} Write to 5 famous people I admire {Bonus: Blog about any response I get}
{74} Have a "God Date" once a month for a whole year.
{seventy five} Throw a surprise party.
{76} Have engagement photos taken by a professional photographer.
{seventy seven} Reconnect with 5 people I have lost touch with {2/5}
{78} Design the rooms for our future house.
{seventy nine}  Watch at least 10 TEDtalks {0/10}
{80} Go to the symphony
{eighty one} Come up with at least 10 creative and super fun dates for John-David and I {0/10}
{82} Go to "The Taste" in my hometown again ((a food festival))
{eighty three} Redecorate my bedroom.
{84} Watch a meteor shower.
{eighty five} Go geocaching.
{86} Have a Disney movie marathon.
{eighty seven} Read a book suggested by 5 different people {0/5}
{89} Be published in a magazine.
{ninety} Host a dinner party for my friends.
{91} Visit a historical site that I've never been to before.
{ninety two} Start a new tradition
{93} Go to the farmer's marker
{ninety four} Go on a road trip.
{95} Go white water rafting.
{ninety six} Fly a kite.
{97} Have the greatest bridal shower ever!
{ninety eight} Visit a real haunted house.
{99} Inspire someone to create their own 101 in 1001 list.
{one hundred} Plan my dream wedding.
{101} Get married.

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